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  • Pressure Washing/Steam Cleaning
  • Decorative Staining & Coloring
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Concrete Coatings & Stains
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Facilities Maintenance

We continue to offer new and improved services utilizing the industries best equipment, practices, and techniques.

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From complete house washing, driveway/patio cleaning and restoration to garage epoxy flooring installation. We also offer sealing maintenance of stamped and decorative concrete surfaces. We can rejuvenate old faded, chalky colored concrete. Factory trained Super-Krete™ & Elite Crete™ systems. Save Money – Affordable Solutions American Made Clean serving the cities of Oxnard, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Agoura, Westlake village and more!


From sidewalks to Shopping malls. Storefronts and Gum removal. Loading Docks and warehouses. Property managers and property owners can maintain the attractiveness of their properties with regularly scheduled cleanings. Weekly, Bi-weekly,monthly,quarterly service contracts. Hot water pressure/ steam cleaning can quickly and effectively remove: Gum, tar, paint, grease, bird droppings, oil, graffiti, moss and fungus. Work can be performed after-hours and weekends to better accomodate commercial clients.

Power Washing Facts

  • Cleaning with water has a scientific form of measurement. That measurement is called “Cleaning Units”. The average professional Power Washer cleans at the rate of 21,000 cleaning units per hour. The average garden hose produces 360 cleaning units per hour.
  • A Professional Power Washing Contractor can produce 58 times MORE cleaning than a garden hose can using the SAME amount of water.
  • Places like RV parks already know this. Many of them ONLY allow pressure cleaning rather than hose cleaning because it uses FAR less water and costs less money.
  • A restaurant (including that dirty dumpster) that takes 40 hours a month for an employee to clean using 14,400 gallons of water is cleaned by a professional Power Washer in 2 hrs per month using 720 gallons.
  • The average Power Washing truck working FULL time will take 8-12 full 8 hr workdays to use the amount of water that is in a residential swimming pool.
  • All that time they are utilizing every ounce of water and cleaning 58 times the amount that would be cleaned using non professional methods and equipment.
  • As an added bonus Professional Power Washers remove tons of dry debris each year before it gets to the storm drains