Ironically, one of the best attributes of decorative concrete is its ability to look nothing at all like concrete. It can impersonate materials such as marble, natural stone, brick, wood, slate, and even metal with such remarkable aplomb that only you, the installer, will know it’s really concrete in disguise. Here are some incredible examples of concrete undercover, and the secrets for achieving each look.


Jim Peterson,
The Concrete Network

1. Faux Rock Walls
Hand-carved vertical concrete is colored and textured to look like stacked stone.
See how.

2. Marble-Effect Floor
This concrete overlay, stained with mottled colors that add depth and warmth, replicates the luxurious beauty of natural marble. Learn more about this project.

3. Wood-Grained Footbridge
Wood-grained boardwalk stamps and three colors of stain are the secrets behind this maintenance-free “wood” walkway.

4. Granite-Look Garage Floor
Learn how to give a plain-gray concrete garage floor the look of granite with a coating accented by decorative quartz aggregate.

5. Herringbone Brick
A custom concrete stamp and brick-red coloring produce a driveway with the authentic look of herringbone brick. Get all the details.