Adding the decorative or stamped concrete to your home can be an investment that increases not only your enjoyment, but also increases your home value. It does require careful consideration when attempting to select the design and colors that will perfectly fit your home or garden. On the other hand, it can be more affordable than other options, such as a high-quality type of carpet, and it is easier to clean. Besides the fact it looks wonderful, this type of concrete can last much longer than the regular one; simply requiring you properly take care of it. The decorative <strong>concrete maintenance</strong> is important not only to maintain the look of the floor long-term, but maintenance is less expensive than repair due to neglect.

There are many factors that can make stamped or decorative concrete change over time. If your concrete floor is outdoors and exposed to weather, extremely high or low temperatures can make a lot of cracks in it. The floor can be washed with the mild soap, but you must be careful not to apply anything that contains salts or suspicious chemicals. The best approach is to simply sweep and wash the concrete regularly. This will prevent dirt, salt and many chemicals from settling in and damaging the floor. If you want to protect your concrete, you should use sealer, but only on dry surface. Also, it is suggested that during the first winter of an outdoor stained concrete avoid using deicing salts

When it comes to taking care of indoor stamped or decorative concrete maintenance, it requires special attention because food drinks or spills might damage the floor. You should use a mild detergent for cleaning. After that, in order to keep it clean and prevent color fading, it’s good to apply a coat of wax or polish. It is recommended you consult an American Made Clean decorative concrete expert for suggested sealer to lock in that just done sheen while protecting the floor from any spills or dropped items. The sealant will also diminish wear patterns forming from repeated foot traffic.

Having decorative or stamped concrete has become a very popular feature lately, but too often homeowners do not know how to protect it properly. Your American Made Clean expert can discuss the recommended maintenance needed for your selected design. The stamped and decorative concrete will add new value to your house, aesthetically and financially.  Give us a call today to learn more about the services we offer. 805-216-9145