Keeping commercial/restaurant trash enclosures clean and sanitized.

//Keeping commercial/restaurant trash enclosures clean and sanitized.

Keeping commercial/restaurant trash enclosures clean and sanitized.

Many property owners and property managers are not aware of the importance of keeping dumpster and trash areas clean. American Made Clean offers commercial cleaning services in Ventura, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, and San Fernando Valley areas. Hot water pressure / steam cleaning can quickly and effectively remove: Gum, tar, paint, dirt, grease, bird droppings, oil, graffiti, moss, and fungus from dumpsters and recycle bins as well as storefront entries and walkways, parking garages, shopping carts, and walk in freezers.

Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Rats, roaches, raccoons, and other pests are always rummaging through dumpsters and recycle bins in search of food. This can pose a particular set of problems for restaurant owners.

America Made Clean under stands that the fast pace of the restaurant business is service-oriented leaving the waitress and kitchen staff little or no time to clean trash enclosures. That’s why we have, on call, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning programs available.

Warehouses  and Office Buildings

 Do you remember the scene from the movie Ben when the King of the Rats invades a warehouse destroying thousands of dollars’ worth of damage? Often, the building managers or service personnel do not help to monitor the possibility of pest infestation around dumpsters and recycle bins. By the time a problem appears, considerable harm can be done. Did you know that one of the most over looked and dangerous consequence of the existence of rodent infestation is fire? Rats, mice and other pests frequently chew on electrical wires and boxes, insulation and sometimes nest in electrical boxes or equipment.

Retail Businesses

 Cleaning around dumpsters and recycle bins can improve the image of your business. today are drawn to a clean, safe and comfortable environments in which to shop. Whether your business stands alone or is in a huge strip mall, rodents and pests can become a serious problem if not detected and removed as soon as they arrive. Rodents running around your business can quickly affect your profits. American Made Clean can help make sure that you do not suffer a loss of business due to pesky rodents. Work will be performed after hours, or weekends to better serve commercial clients.

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    Proper maintenance of the grounds about an establishment is essential for ensuring good sanitation. To keep vermin from breeding and to maintain sanitary conditions in general, an establishment should not allow trash to accumulate on its grounds, should store pallets and other equipment properly, and should keep its grounds drained. Actions an establishment needs to take will likely depend on the location of the establishment and the type of operations it conducts.

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      we agree!

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