Whether residential or commercial concrete, if you want to maintain that “new” look for as long as possible, consider using concrete sealers. A concrete sealer is a coating applied to concrete to protect it from many external elements. Normally, the concrete can breathe freely, and because of that, it absorbs water and dirt, which can cause different structural and esthetic problems. The sealers are designed to protect your concrete from the elements, foot traffic and dirt.

There are two primary types of concrete sealers. The first one is referred to as film-forming sealers, they require dry and clean surface so it can be applied properly. They form a waterproof layer on top of the concrete, and change the appearance of the concrete, giving it a wet or satin look – which is attractive. The other type of concrete sealer is a penetrating sealer that will not change the appearance of the concrete. It does not require a dry or clean surface, but it will bond with the minerals in cement and prevent the concrete from being changed. The film-forming sealers are very popular because of the effect they give, and they are usually found as acrylic sealers. These sealers give great UV protection to concrete. The epoxy systems offer a superior performance for interiors and they are very popular in business offices and restaurants, which receives a higher volume of foot traffic, as well as spills and the potential for stains.

There are many materials that can be used in this process, including silanes, silicates, siliconates, and siloxanes. Some of these can be used in combination to create concrete protection. When it comes to use of concrete sealer, there are a wide range of uses for the products. It can protect the concrete from acids and make it resistant to many other chemicals in the future, as well. The most popular use is on concrete floors in garages and also inside and outside the house.

There are many benefits of applying the stained concrete floor to your home or office. The first is definitely the magnificent appearance, but more important is the fact that your floor will last much longer thanks to it. When it comes to daily maintenance, all you need is dust and damp mop occasionally.

For your concrete to maintain that just finished look, it’s recommended to hire a professional who understands the right type of chemicals allowed on your selected flooring. They can also advise you on the right way to clean it. This is generally a lifetime investment, so the maintenance is just as important as buying the concrete.