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Without a doubt, pressure washing is the most effective way to clean exterior surfaces. Water is natures best solvent, and when combined with the proper cleaning chemicals large areas can be cleaned quickly and effectively.

Residential Pressure Washing- Typical residential washing usually consists of exterior house washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning, and driveway and patio cleaning. Knowing the safest pressure to clean these different surfaces is essential. Although concrete can withstand 3000+ psi, house siding cannot. When cleaning roofs, house siding, stucco, and wood decks, pressure shouldn’t exceed 800-1000 psi. Of course holding the gun further away from the surface means less pressure. The best way to achieve the proper psi (pounds per inch) is with the nozzle on your pressure washer gun. All nozzles are marked with the fan degree (Pattern of spray) and orifice size. Most washing and rinsing jobs will use a 25 degree or 40 degree nozzle. 15 degree nozzles are best used for concrete. 0 degree nozzles shouldn’t be used for any cleaning job. I have firsthand experience of homeowners and inexperienced contractors damaging surfaces using a 0 degree nozzle.
Orifice size is what is going to give you pressure. The larger the orifice the less pressure. One common misconception people tend to think is,”the more pressure the better it cleans.” It’s actually the flow or gpm (gallons per minute) of the pressure washer that really counts.

Commercial Pressure Washing- Typical commercial pressure washing usually consists of large areas of concrete or flatwork cleaning. Shopping malls, storefronts, trash dumpsters, warehouses, sidewalks, buildings, and windows are common commercial cleaning accounts. Trucking fleets utilize pressure wash contractors. Commercial pressure washing clients will likely want to be put on a regular maintenance schedule. These areas and items usually see high traffic and will need to be cleaned biweekly, monthly or quarterly. To compete effectively in the commercial market a large pressure washer (18+ horsepower) with hot water is a must. Flow rates of 5 gallons per minute would be the minimum. Flows of 8+ gallons per minute are much more effective at cleaning larger areas. Gum is an issue on commercial sidewalks. The hot water units effectively melt and “pop” off gum spots.