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Maintaining a clean fleet or heavy equipment is not a simple task; particularly since environmental issues on vehicle washing is becoming a real concern for the community. There is an increasing pressure from state, federal and local authorities to comply with regulations on vehicle washing to keep our water systems safe.What people should know is that all regulations drafted over the past 2 decades regarding fleet washing have stemmed from the Clean Water Act of 1972. This law was enacted to put an end to the wide spread dumping of industrial hazardous wastes into streams, lakes and wetlands during that time.

Over the years, though, the law had been amended, and as it has evolved today, simple wash waters used for fleet washing and heavy equipment washing should be kept from running into storm drains. It must be understood though, it’s not the water per se, used for washing that is considered hazardous but rather certain contaminants contained in it that can pollute our waters.

Regardless of the sensibility offered by the law, the implementation of these regulations has become a real burden to fleet and heavy equipment companies and owners. Disposing water used for fleet washing and heavy equipment washing has become quite encumbering.

Good news is AMC Services has devised a practical method of preventing water from fleet washing and heavy equipment washing from entering storm drains.

AMC Services is now able to provide vehicle and fleet owners with affordable vehicle washing that it safe to the environment and in accordance with environmental regulations. Using a system of isolation, collection and elimination of wash water, all fleet washing and heavy equipment washing under AMC Services is now safe. All cleaning materials used are environmental friendly and all wastewater is disposed efficiently.

Basic fleet washing and heavy equipment washing can be performed daily or on a regular scheduled basis. AMC services small and large vehicle and heavy equipment companies.

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